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Leave vs. Stay


I need a change!


ideas swirling

searching for opportunities

found a way!

they said yes  

we are moving



anticipation high

Slept poorly 

Next step

How to get authorization to work?


impatience through the stratosphere

sleeping poorly 

why does it take so long

don't they want us

what I do is in demand (I was told and I checked)

they report a shortage of people with MY skills

sleeping poorly more often

Call received

government issued papers arrived

rabid Excitement


what to take...what to leave for others or to bring later

to one and all and country too, Love you baby see you soon

Scene two

Choices, choices, and more




That's what I want..I guess?

That's acceptable here?

unbounded excitement

sleep interrupted

I wake up repeatedly and stare

Pinch I here finally?

Scene three

Calendar entry: expiration date of work authorization is coming close

What are my options

2years to college for my eldest

sleeping fitfully

dreaming of boxes strewn across the highway

different colors and sizes

all have the words Options

written on each of their 4 sides

like a rubix cube 

I wake up my heart is beating fast

a few sips of water 

back to bed and stare at the dark

the Options boxes are shrinking, the colors less sharp 

I wake up to find out that I had dozed off

Scene four

That will take how long?

uncertain, MY skills are not in demand? Is there still a shortage?

disbelief mounts

oh...I still have to wait....

What is the real colour of the grass over here?

Phone call: nephew has a baby coming?  My friends parent passed away? 

Sigh(I can't come right now... please tell them......give them my condolences)

a few seconds later, I will be there.

Going: Subdued

There: Carefree, energized...alive

Coming back: half awake, seeing colourless sunken Options boxes bouncing around the


Scene five

Sitting, reviewing MY skills

It’s a consultation with attorney 2 and 3

Tamed disbelief

MY skills are in short supply

MY skills are in demand?

they said yes, but it's a process

they'll start filing for something to help me stay

college in two years for my first born

how long will that take?

Where is the green that I saw from over there

Scene six 

Chatting with an attorney, a friend of a friend

the country should show that they want MY skills...

in the night turning from side to side 

burrowing on the covers for a sweet spot to sleep  


my outer is composure for everyday living

my interior hides uncertainty in its cells - they are racing all the time

my skills....what I do is in demand… in demand….(I was told so and I checked).

it's true

a rubix puzzle

quiet frustration

sleep deprived


leave - stay?

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