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Migration-They moved away from home!

People have been moving since biblical times, searching for water, food, shelter and

safety. Aren’t these ultimately, the same reasons people move today?

The decision to move yourself and perhaps your family to a new environment is

sometimes easy. For example if you have to move for safety reasons. Sometimes the decision is not easy to make and then to carry out. I was lucky. The decision was

made for me by a parent. She made the difficult decision to leave all that was familiar

and venture to a new place, to an unknown future. She left with hope and determination and the vision of a future that would be better than where she was.

Why are you considering a move vs staying where you are now? We read that safety concerns topped the list of reasons for moving. Joining family members, seeking

employment or the opportunity to study, are listed as high motivators as well. Whatever the reason, your journey will be less stressful if you have a plan and money in hand to take care of your needs as you are traveling or to help you when you arrive at your destination.

Something else that makes for a smoother move, is having a support system in place, whether traveling with you or at your destination to receive you.

Having these three things in place is helpful, even if you are not moving long distance or to a new country. Even if you are moving locally for example, to a new city, state or

province having these three things in place will be to your advantage. Your plan should include finding out how to enter the country if you are planning an international move.

Possible Options to enter another country are in the form of requests for: Asylum,

Abused person visa, Work permit, Investor visa, Family sponsorship. Working

remotely has exploded since the covid-19 pandemic and it has allowed thousands of

persons to work from anywhere in the world using their laptop. The term digital nomad applies to this way of working giving persons flexibility to work without having to move from their home base or to move and work from somewhere else and see the world.

The world is open. It is ready for your hope, determination, curiosity and creativity. Are you ready to move or will you stay put?

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