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Starting over is the Immigrant Burden:Blood Red X's

What is that! I stared at them my heart jumping. It looked like a line of bloody X's. I did not

hear what the teacher said for the rest of the class, as I tried to process those Xs that I had never

before seen on any paper with my name.  

I was a good student in my country.  So the spelling test in my new school was for me a no-

brainer, but the result showed everyone who I was, a foreigner: color(colour), harbor(harbour),

favor(favour), check(checque), program(programme) and the trail of Xs walked down on my


Moving to America meant I had to learn new ways of spelling and so many other things.  So

many.  In hindsight, however, these challenges have prepared me for life, which is a constant

journey of learning and applying new things.

Ann H

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